4x4 box and 38x45 dog box $675.00

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All aluminum 3-door dog box that will fit under your Tonneau cover...$750.00

3-door beagle dog box $675.00

Aluminum off-the-ground kennel. Approx 4x4 on the "wire". The bottom is actually a heavy duty plastic that pulls out for easy cleaning. Double wall insulated dog house large enough for mulitple rabbit beagles or a couple of larger beagles. 

This custom trailer has many features:  All-aluminum diamond plate exterior.  3 dog runs with insulated dog houses in each run.  Double lift access doors from the top with security locks. 2- side access doors, and 3 rear access doors.  Coated wire in the runs.  On-board water storage.  Large "stuff"  locking storage box.  On-board night utility lighting, spare tire.

Custom  Trailer 


These are all double-wall insulated dog boxes and dog houses.  the truck boxes have winter/summer doors.  E-mail or call for price inquiries or customizations.

New Dog Houses  and Dog Boxes 

All aluminum and coated wire with removable bottom tray for cleaning.  Insulated dog box.  Top access to dog house and door access into the run.



New Dog Houses  and Dog Boxes 

New​ Design for Off-the-ground kennels


New Item- $750.00

3-door low profile Dog Box

24x24 beagle dog house $ 220.00

36x36x25 coon dog house $285.00