And of course....puppies....

By the Creek Kennel is a small kennel located in King William County, Virginia.. We are breeding quality blood line champion Beagles, We take great pride in our dogs and how they are cared for and raised.  We feature the Smokey, Caddy, Let's Get it On and Buckshot Jones bloodlines.  Breeding better rabbit beagles is our goal.  They are all 13 inches and under with championship bloodlines.

Aluminum off-the-ground ​Double Kennel w/ Insulated Dog Box


Dog Boxes and Trailers.

We custom build dog boxes and pull behind trailers tailored to your needs.  Give us a call.

$4,000 and up

All aluminum dog houses in our kennel.

We are breeding pure Belgian Hares with different varieties of cottontails to try to gain a fast rabbit with natural longevity in the rabbit pen.

From $600 and up

All- aluminum off-the-ground boxes for $775 and up. Great for new litters to keep the pups off the ground.